Benefits of treeless saddles

If you are new to horseback riding and are still in the process of getting more knowledge on this new hobby, then you have probably heard of the debate about which is better to use both for the rider an a horse between a treed or a treeless saddle. There are plenty of articles surrounding the Internet that discuss about the superiority of one over the other. There is really no direction in this type of writings because in reality even before men have decided to put the saddle on the back of the horse as, our ancestors were pretty okay with bareback riding. As a matter of fact, ancient people didn?t have all the luxury of sturdy materials to secure them as they are mounted on the horse, and yet they are flexible with it and their horse still manage to complete their normal lifespan. With regards to the use of the saddle, it does not really matter too much whether to select a treed or treeless one. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that the weight of the rider in not distributed to areas where added support is not bearable by the horse.

One advantage of the saddle such as the Bob Marshall treeless saddle and the Torsion treeless saddle is that it acts like a second skin to the horse. Its materials are very light, and provided that it is properly fitted on the horse especially to those with wider backs. Another advantage with the treeless is that the horse?s movements are not restricted thereby allowing him the freedom to move without any strain on his back and shoulders. Also, the horse can easily react to its rider?s leg cues and so they have a closer contact when riding. Lastly, most saddles of the treeless type can fit most variety of horses therefore choosing a saddle for your horse won?t be too difficult provided that you are very much aware of the contour on your horse?s back.


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