Buying a Horse Trailer

Whether you want to show your horse or simply have access to a wider network of trails, you may be interested in buying a trailer for transporting your horse.? Having your own trailer is, of course, also preferable in emergency situations.? Here are some things to consider when buying a trailer.

  • Towing capacity.? Check your vehicle?s manual to ensure that it can actually pull a trailer and horse.? You?ll need to calculate the weight of the horses you?ll be carrying, combined with the weight of the trailer.? This should give you a rough idea of how heavy your load will be.
  • Know how much you want to spend.? Are you looking for a relatively simple, two horse trailer, or do you need something that has a tack room and even sleeping quarters for shows? ??A small bumper-hitch trailer will be much less expensive than a larger, goose-neck trailer.
  • Buying used is a great option, but be aware of potential pitfalls.? In particular, you will need to ensure that the frames and flooring are sound and can support the weight of your horses.? The acidity in horses? urine can cause the flooring in trailers to decompose and become unsafe.? Check other aspects of the trailer as well, including the tires and hinges on doors.? You might want to have an experienced horseperson or even mechanic with you to help look for defects.
  • What kind of hitch do you want?? Bumper hitch trailers are smaller trailers that attach directly to a hitch on your vehicle?s bumper.? Larger trailers will require either a fifth-wheel setup or a goose-neck that fits directly over the back of a pickup truck.? These types of trailers are generally smoother for the horse than a bumper-hitch.
  • Try to get a double-axle trailer.? These provide more support and are a smoother ride for your horse.

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