Choosing the Right Dressage Saddle for You


There are many choices on the market today for good dressage saddles. A saddle however is not just something you buy and hope it is the right one. It is an investment so you want to make sure the one you pick is correct for your needs, style and particularly your horse. With variations such as treed and treeless, a dressage saddle can be a choice that will last for quite awhile, so you want to be sure before you ever purchase one that it is right for you and fits your breed of horse properly.

The Wintec dressage saddles are one of the best and widely praised saddle of its kind on the market today. Made from their own Equileather and Equisuede blends of material, these will last a lifetime of use and are one of the easiest saddles on the market to care for, being completely weatherproof and needing only a damp cloth for cleaning and upkeep with no oiling or waxing necessary. Their top of the line Isabell dressage saddle was designed with the help of World Champion rider Isabell Werth and her expert knowledge has allowed them to make some very efficient changes to an already great saddle. These changes are not noticeable in the outward appearance of the saddle, but in the riding design itself.

The cost of a good dressage saddle can range in price from the very expensive to downright cheap, but if you shop around online there are high quality used dressage saddles for sale in great condition. This is an opportunity to get a saddle that you may otherwise not have been able to afford brand new, but with only a few years of use behind it, still has a lot of life left in it. A used dressage saddle can be found at a very reasonable price online and is perfect for that beginning rider who may not want to spend a lot of money at the outset of their riding career.

When choosing your dressage, saddle there are two basic styles to keep in mind. There is the traditional treed one and a treeless dressage saddle which fits closer to the horses? body. The treeless one allows for much more freedom of movement for the horse and that ?bareback? feel when riding. The advantage to this in dressage is an increased communication with the horse for signals allowing for a faster response from the horse. This gives a much cleaner showing while riding and showing.

The Albion dressage saddle is one of the finest made saddles out on the market today. The saddles come in six different tree widths and will fit almost any horse with ease and comfort. These are manufactured with both high and low head trees to accommodate a wide variety of breeds and will most certainly fit any rider. The design allows for a very natural leg hand down the side of the horse making the overall ride much more comfortable. These dressage saddles are designed to seat the rider properly and balance them correctly.

One of the other leading manufacturers of this type of saddle is Bates. The Bates dressage saddle is one of the more unique ones out there. Instead of traditional filling for the padding underneath, some models use a patented system called CAIR. This system actually utilizes pockets of air built in to the saddle to help distribute the weight of the rider evenly across the horses back rather than at just certain contact points from the saddle. They also offer an interchangeable girth system on some models that will allow the saddle to ?grow? with the horse as his or her body changes over time.

As with all saddles, every manufacturer, supplier and rider will tell you, use a dressage saddle pad. With all the advances in technology over the past years, finding dressage saddle pads to fit you exact saddle is quite easy, the most difficult thing will be which one to choose. These pads are designed to take pressure off the horse and give you a more comfortable ride as well as added comfort to the horse. These can be found with traditional filling and even air or gel fillings to help absorb riding shocks and smooth over the entire ride.

With the advent of the Internet, finding a dressage saddle for sale is as easy as turning on your computer. This opens up not only all the manufacturers to you but suppliers and private sellers as well. The other nice feature of shopping this way is the ability to see riders? reviews on the saddles you may be interested in, which allows you to see if anyone has had any issues with them before spending your hard earned money on one to find out that it is not quite right.


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