Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Stable (For People)

It?s not only your horse that can suffer in an emergency at the stable.? Be sure that you and your fellow riders are well prepared by keeping the following items well-stocked:

  1. Self-adhesive bandages.? This will probably be the most used item, so check the supply often and be sure that you replenish as needed.? Keep all different sizes of bandages on hand and consider different shapes as well, such as butterfly bandages.
  2. Non-adherent pads.? These can be used with medical tape to dress larger wounds without causing further damage from stickiness.
  3. Cleansing wipes.? These are important for swabbing wounds clean prior to bandaging, particularly if your barn has no access to hot running water.
  4. Adhesive tape.? This will be used to hold dressings in place.
  5. Gauze pads and bandages.? Used for larger wounds, these can have many functions including cleaning, staunching blood flow, and dressing a wound until further attention can be sought.
  6. Gloves.? Try vinyl to avoid latex allergies.
  7. Tweezers.? Invaluable for slivers, something that always seems to happen around the barn!
  8. A well stocked medicine chest, including anti-inflammatory tablets, pain killers, antacids, and other medication that might be needed.
  9. Eye drops or natural tears.? If at all possible, keep an eye flush available, or at least some form of lubrication, should anyone get dirt or chemicals in their eye.
  10. ?Cold/warm compresses.? Use these for heating or cooling swelling as needed.
  11. Emergency blankets.? Should someone go into shock, an emergency blanket can keep them warm until help arrives.?

Other useful items include hand sanitizer, antibacterial ointment for cuts and scrapes, and a clean, sharp pair of scissors.? You might also wish to have nail clippers, safety pins, and a few clean towels available for use.


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