Dealing with a Cast Horse

If you?ve ever seen a horse that has cast himself, you?re not likely to forget the sight. Although it doesn?t happen often, this is an emergency situation that is possible for every horse owner to find themselves in.? Sometimes a horse will misjudge how much room they have when they lie down or roll near the wall of their stall or a fence.? Their legs get trapped and they have no way of pushing themselves away or getting their feet back up from under them.

Should you find yourself in this startling situation, consider your own safety first.? If at all possible, don?t try to deal with the horse on your own.? If he isn?t thrashing too much, get close to your horse and pull his head away from the wall.? This may give him enough room to scramble back to his feet.? If not, try pulling the head and tail at the same time.? If your horse is panicked and thrashing, try looping a leadshank around the hind area and pull him forward.

Another tactic is to pull the horse?s feet, rolling him over and allowing him the space to get up. If your horse is quiet, you can probably do this by hand but if needed, a lead rope can also be looped around a leg for the same effect.

Be aware that as soon as your horse is able, he will want to scramble to his feet and will likely be nervous, agitated, and may even kick out.? Make sure that you think ahead and have a quick escape route in place for when your horse does get free.? Once he is up and calm, check him over for any scrapes or cuts, and walk him out for a few minutes to watch for lameness.


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