Easy Ways to Maintain and Clean Horse Stalls


Those who are looking to purchase a new horse and who are looking for horse stalls for sale may not know how to maintain and clean horse stalls.? This is an important part of a horse?s life and where they are going to spend their time when they are not out in the pasture or in the corral.? The horses? stall can be viewed as their room.? No one wants to live in a dirty room and a horse is no different.? For this reason, it is important to keep the stall clean and fresh every day.? The health of the horse can deteriorate when it is forced to live in a dirty stall.

A horse stall is necessary when purchasing a horse.? While a horse is going to spend a good deal of time in the pasture, they are also going to need a place where they can sleep and eat.? This is what the stall is for.? You can get horse stall kits that come with everything that is needed to maintain and clean the horse stalls.? These kits include horse stall mats as well as horse stall flooring.? These items can help to keep the stall clean for the horse.? Other necessary items are hay, shovels and rakes.? All of these can be used together to maintain the sanitary conditions of the stall.

The hay is used for bedding for the horse as well as collecting the droppings from the horse.? Hay also helps when cleaning out the stall as it also soaks up the urine.? When the horse is released into the pasture or the corral first thing in the morning, the stall should be cleaned out.? Rake out all of the dirty hay and put it in the compost heap.? If you do not already have one, you should start one. Horse manure is a great fertilizer and the compost is great for plants as well.? This can either be given away or sold to neighbors for their gardens.

After removing all the hay, the entire stall needs to be washed down to get any bacteria that are found on the walls of the stall out.? The horse stall gates should also be hosed down.? This should be done with soapy water.? There are even products that are sold specifically for washing them out.? Once it is clean and dry, new hay should be put down.? You can use the rake to get the hay to cover the entire floor.? Put a bit more hay where the horse prefers to lay down.

If there is a mare that is close to foaling, more hay should be put and kept in the stall at all times to aid in the birthing process by making the mare more comfortable.? The stall can be cleaned once a day if the horse spends most of its time during the day in the pasture or corral.? Horses that spend more time in the stall than out of it should have their areas cleaned in the morning and in the night.

Those who travel a good deal with their horses may want to invest in portable horse stalls.? These can be seen at many rodeos where many horses are housed for a short period of time.? It is just as important to keep these types of horse stalls clean as it is to keep their permanent ones clean.? Most horses are going to be more relaxed when they have a clean area even if it is away from their home.

Miniature horses are also very popular and require the same care that a full sized horse is going to need.? Those who are planning on purchasing miniature horses are also going to need to purchase miniature horse stalls as well.? While they are many times smaller than a large dog, they cannot in any circumstance live in a house with people as a dog does.? They need to have their own space where they can be comfortable.? The same process for cleaning a full sized horse stall can be used when cleaning a miniature horse stall.? It is just going to be a bit easier as the dropping are going to be smaller and the amount of hay needed is going to much less than a full size horse is going to need.

Taking care of a horse is more than just mucking out the stalls and keeping fresh hay down.? There is a good deal of work involved.? It is vital that there is someone who can spend time working with the horse and cleaning out their area every day.? They love the interaction with their human owners. The joy and love that the horse can give you is going to be more than worth the work that is involved!


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