English equestrian horse riding boots


Any person with a passion for horseback riding whether for pleasure or competition knows that it is not right to wear just about any horse riding boots without considering for which riding purpose it will be used. There are plenty of riding boots available for men, women, and even kids. Having enough knowledge of the style, the materials they are made of, and the design of the riding boots will make you appreciate even further the art of horseback riding.

In general, riding boots are of two types: the English horse riding boots and the Western horse riding boots. The English boots are commonly seen on horse events that involve showing, jumping and galloping. The Western boots on the other hand are commonly visible at rodeo events that may involve barrel racing and herding. We will now focus more on the English riding boots.

The English riding boots can be categorized into tall boots or short boots. The tall boots end just a little below the knees that are commonly worn by competitive riders in jumping and dressage disciplines. Plenty of riding disciplines benefit from the tall boots as the legs are protected from rubbing against the leathers of the saddle. Some of these riding disciplines are hunt seat equitation, show jumping, fox hunting, and eventing. When looking for tall English riding boots, they may be referred by boot makers as field boots, dress boots, or hunt boots.

The shorter English riding boots are what we know as the paddock boots, also known as the Jodhpur boots. They rise just a little above the ankle and are commonly used for pleasure riding. They are also ideal for children beginning their training on horseback riding. A child?s rapid growth will not make the taller boots attractive for them as their legs will eventually increase in size as well, and insisting on the tall boots becomes eventually expensive when you buy at one point or another set of boots as soon as the child gets bigger. Instead, wearing half chaps to cover the legs that may sometimes be combined with the paddock boots is recommended.


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