Features of Barefoot and Torsion treeless saddles


Treeless saddles have become popular these days as the need to ride a horse with the feel of bareback riding is increasingly demanded by even the newest riders. We all know that there are many purposes for riding the horse. Whatever the purpose may be, using the saddle of the treeless type is just as effective as the treed saddles. The only difference is that the absence of bars and the use of adequate padding instead in the treeless improve the movement of the horse thereby making room for quick reaction to its rider?s leg cues. Ongoing debates have flourished regarding which among the treed and treeless is better to use. People say that the absence of bars can cause more friction or strain onto the horse?s back or that the treeless cannot give adequate clearance on the withers and spine. This is not really true. Whichever one you choose, treed or treeless, the basic approach here is to make sure that the saddle?s pommel and cantle adequately blends with the contours of the horse?s back, the weight of the rider is properly centered on the seat and not distributed on the front and back arts of the saddle, the saddle is not too long for the horse, and most of all, clearance on the withers and spine is exhibited. When these guidelines are not followed, whether you use the treed or treeless, the horse?s performance cannot meet your expectations and worse, your horse will suffer from serious conditions.

The Barefoot treeless saddle is one of the very popular and widely used saddles. They fit the horse like a second skin. They have a high spinal clearance making sure that both you and your horse have movement freedom. They have plenty of models to choose from according to which purpose our riding is for.

Another brand is the Torsion treeless saddle which is exposed by most amateur and professional riders as one of the finest saddles ever made. They are made of leather and synthetic materials, and are available in different colors.


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