Finding a Horse Trainer

A good horse trainer is worth their weight in gold.? Not only do good trainers help to improve your horse?s behavior and performance, but this will go on to improve your relationship with your horse as well.? A poor trainer can provide serious setbacks to your horse, teaching him bad habits and potentially even causing him genuine fear at routine situations.? If you are contemplating getting a trainer for your horse, get things off to a good start right away by doing your homework and hiring the right trainer for your horse.

  • Look for a trainer that is experienced in dealing with what you need handled.? If you are looking to be competitive in the hunter world you?ll be looking for a very different trainer than someone with a green broke three-year-old trail horse.
  • Talk to your vet, farrier, and other horse owners to find out if they can recommend anyone.? Word of mouth is always a great way to start compiling a list of potential professionals.
  • Check for qualifications.? All good trainers should be able to give you information on what education they have taken to further their knowledge.
  • Ask for references.? A good trainer should have clients who are willing to sing their praises.
  • See if you can watch the trainer work with another horse.? If you are uncomfortable with their techniques, ask them about it afterwards.? Don?t be accusatory, simply ask your questions and evaluate their answers with regards to your comfort level.
  • Trust your instinct.? Remember, this relationship is not just about your horse, but also about you.? If you don?t take a shine to the trainer, it?s probably best to find someone else.
  • Have the trainer work with your horse for one session before signing a contract or sending your horse to their stable.? Watch how the trainer interacts with your horse and how your horse responds.? No trainer should ever be emotional while working with your horse, including angrily hitting or yelling at them.? Competent horse trainers are calm and quiet ? just as they want the horse to be.



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