Grooming a Light-Colored Horse

A grey horse gleaming in the sunshine is a beautiful sight.? However, owners of light-colored horses know that keeping their ponies looking this way is a daily battle.? Most light-colored horses seem to find the muddiest and most manure-filled areas to roll, resulting in the tell-tale camouflage green stains that cover their body.? If you have a light-colored horse, here are some tips for keeping his coat clean while at the same time keeping your frustration to a minimum.

  • Although it may be tempting, don?t bathe your horse too often.? Not only will the water cause damage to his hooves, but the constant shampooing will dry out and damage his skin and coat.? Instead, try spot cleaning the stains rather than giving the entire body a shampoo.
  • Try using Betadine scrub on the worst stains.? A powerful cleanser formulated to prepare the skin for surgery, Betadine also will not damage the color of the horse?s coat.? As with other shampoos, try not to overuse.
  • Keep a bottle of spray-on stain remover handy in your grooming box.? These specially formulated conditioners are made for lifting the stains from grey horses.? Find them at your local tack or grooming supply store.
  • Use lots of elbow grease.? Your curry brush will remove a lot of the dirt and dead hair that might be making a stain look worse than it is.? Brush your horse thoroughly and with vigor before using product on his coat.
  • Recognize that sometimes you will lose the battle.? If you are simply taking your horse out for a quick trail ride, know that he doesn?t have to look perfect.? Preparing for a show is obviously a different matter but on the whole your horse doesn?t care what his coat looks like.? As long as there is no dirt to rub on where his tack is sitting, there is nothing wrong with taking a horse out that isn?t perfectly and professionally groomed.

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