Horse Breeds A to Z: The Abyssinian Gala Horse

The Abyssinian breed of horse, also sometimes referred to as a Gala horse or an Ethiopian horse, is a rough and?short haired breed of horse that originated in Africa in the country of Ethiopia along the?coastlines of the Red Sea. The Abyssinian horse is quite small in stature, standing only about 13 hands high.

The coat of the Abyssinian horse, as stated above, is quite harsh and one interesting thing about this breed, their coat features many rosettes and ridges and these horses can easily be identified by the trademark “mustache” which grows around the nose.

The Abyssinian first came to the UK in the 17th century, and has long since been a favorite horse breed in England and surrounding areas.


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  1. Bridget Montegue says:

    What can the Abyssinian Horse do? Jumping, racing, vaulting? What is he good at or known for?

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