Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds A to Z

We’re working on creating a comprehensive list of all the different varitey of horse breeds from Abtenauer to ?emaitukas. With such a huge variety of horse breeds across the globe, there’s no doubt this will be no easy task. We plan to add several new horse breeds to our list every week so be sure to stay tuned, and if you have any information or pictures to add about any of the horse breeds we feature, be sure to let us know!

The Abtenauer – This beautiful, short and stocky breed of draft horse hails from the mountainous region of Western Germany.

The Abyssinian or Ethiopian Gala – This horse is quite short in stature averaging only about 13 hands in height. It hails from the Ethiopian coastline, and is one of the oldest horse breeds ever recorded!

The German Aegidienberger – This elegant gaited breed was developed by crossing a Peruvian Paso and an Icelandic. Check out this video to see the Aegidienberger in action.

Akhal-Teke: The Pride of Turkmenistan – This is one of the most popular and widely found horse breeds in the world. The Akhal-Teke is also one of the oldest breeds of horses and was used by the Mongols, and even Alexander the Great!

The Albanian Horse – This small, stocky horse breed comes in Mountain and Plains variety, and they hail from the Balkan Peninsula.

The Altai – The Altai horse (also can be spelled Altay) hails from the rugged mountainous region of Central Asia.

The Alter Real -This beautiful horse from Portugal is a national treasure and has survived near extinction.

The American Cream – The American Cream is a rare draft horse that originated in the upper mid-western United States in the early 20th century.

Stay tuned for more horse breeds each week!