Horse Jumping is a Fun and Entertaining Sport


Those who ride horses know how much fun it is to put their horse through their paces in the corral.? It is even more fun to fly through the air on the back of a trusted horse.? Horse jumping has also become a popular sport.? It is so popular that it is recognized by the Olympics and is a sport that can earn a rider and their horse a gold, silver or bronze medal.? Horse show jumping is not only popular for the riders, it is also fun for spectators to watch.? There is a beauty and grace to the horse and rider when they go through the obstacles perfectly and make each jump seem effortless.

A horse jumping game is typically based on how well the horse cleared the obstacles and how quickly the course was completed.? Horse show jumping games come with big money and titles that the horse and riders are awarded.? Many people want to learn how to do this type of horse jumping because it is so much fun and it is very profitable for those who are in professional competitions.? Those who would like to try this sport should familiarize themselves with the horse jumping equipment that is going to be needed before the begin jumping their horses.

There are even races that include jumping horses over obstacles, which is called a steeplechase race.? This not only includes jumping fences, but also water filled ditches.? This horses and riders that run these races need to be of the highest in athletic ability.? The steeplechase races date back to the eighteenth century and are now more commonly known in Europe as National Hunt Racing.? Jumping is a natural ability of any horse and they use this ability to navigate the track at incredible speeds.

While this can be dangerous to both rider and horse that do not make the jumps, it can also be exhilarating for those who do finish and win.? There is a huge amount of people who love going to these types of races to see the horse riding jumping.? Many simply go for the same reasons that car racing is popular.? They want to see the accidents and mishaps.? While these accidents are not common, they do happen and it is a sad part of the sport.? Most times, the riders and horses have minor injuries.? The worst case scenario is having a rider die or a horse being put down due to broken legs.? Thankfully this is not common.

Horse showjumping can take a toll on the rider and the horse.? Those who are planning to begin studying this sport are going to want to be in good health and they also want to be fit as well.? It takes just as much working out time to train for this sport as for any other sport.? A person who is not physically fit can have more accidents or a harder time trying to train a horse.? Horse jumping can be difficult to train a horse or rider to do so a trainer may be required in order to get the horse and rider working together.

The cost of having a trainer should be figured in before making the decision to purchase a horse for the specific purpose of horse jumping.? Even if the rider is used to jumping horses, the horse may not be trained for it.? Unless there is firm knowledge of how to train a horse for this sport, professional help should be sought.? It may only take a few sessions to get the horse used to the obstacles that it is going to face when involved in a horse jumping show.

When purchasing a horse for this purpose, it is important to look at their lineage.? You may want to choose a horse that is from a line of jumpers.? The odds are the genetic inclination is going to be for jumping as well.? This is not always the case. ?You can bring the trainer you are planning to use to look over the horse before it is purchased.? The trainer can check the strength of the legs and haunches to make sure that they are strong enough for this sport.

With the popularity of horse jumping along with steeplechase or National Hunt Racing, horses are being bred with the qualities needed in mind.? While a horse may look like a natural jumper, there may be some things in its personality that are going to make it skittish when attempting some of the higher or longer jumps.? Be patient with the horse if possible.? If the horse does not want to jump, it may be time to consider getting another horse to do the jumping instead.? You cannot force a horse to jump when it does not want to.


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