Horse Riding Equipment for Both Safety and Pleasure


One of the greatest joys in the world is spending time on the back of a horse.? Horse riding is a favorite pastime for many, whether for enjoyment or actual competition.? However, if you are new to the activity of riding horses and are contemplating getting a horse of your own, you must know that they are a lot of work and require a lot of horse riding equipment.

The first thing that one may think of in horse back riding equipment is the saddle.? The saddle chosen must be of good quality and fit the style of riding.? For example, English saddles have no horn and allow the horse more freedom of movement, which is imperative when jumping and performing in competitions.? Western saddles, on the other hand, have a horn for the rider as an extra grip and it is generally more comfortable, which was required for those who spent most of the day in the saddle.

This, of course, leads to other comforts for the horse rider.? Those who are serious about their ventures on horseback understand the importance of a good pair of riding boots. Again, there are a wide variety of boots available and the type chosen should depend on the type of riding being done.? From the English and Western to paddock boots for everyday riding, horsemen should always choose one that fits well and one made of quality that can stand up to the wear and tear.

For many types of riding, more safety equipment for the rider is in need.? Unfortunately, thousands of people are seriously injured each year from a mishap while riding a horse.? Famous actor, Christopher Reeves is a good example.? Unexpectedly falling from his horse, he was paralyzed from the neck down.? While a helmet cannot prevent an injury such as this, it can prevent other serious head injuries that could easily occur from a bad fall.? This is just one piece of the necessary horse riding equipment for kids when they are learning to ride.

Horsemen should also purchase equipment for horse riding that will prevent the horse form unnecessarily injuring themselves, as well.?? This would include specialized boots or shoes for different occasions.? For example, if taking a horse on a long trail ride, mountain boots or splint boots can help prevent the horse from hurting their legs on the trail.? Other horseman can also purchase boots that will fit directly over the hoof and will give their horse more traction in both mud and snow.? When searching for this type of equipment for the horse, be sure to follow all instructions on what their best use is and whether or not they need to be fitted to the horse by a farrier.

While many riders often use a halter when riding, this is generally a piece of equipment that is intended for lead purposes.? In other words, they are being lead around and are not being instructed by a rider.? The bridle, on the other hand, is the headgear intended for the purpose of being able to control the horse when riding.? There are several types, including those who use a bit and those who use a nose piece to help direct the horse.

The above mentioned are just a few of the necessary items needed.? Other essential equipment includes appropriate clothing for the rider, saddle pads, blankets, reins, and even turnout blankets to help the horse cool down after a long ride.? What you may have already realized is that this can be very expensive.? However, you will find there is always a lot of used horse riding equipment available both online and locally.? Before used equipment is purchased, a thorough examination is in order to make sure both horse and rider will be safe when using it.

For those who are just getting interested in this activity, they may find themselves very sore the first few times they ride.? If this seems to be the case, there is horse riding fitness equipment available to help get the rider in shape.? Simulating the movements of horse riding, it will allow the rider to strengthen the muscles used in riding and can save one a lot of unnecessary pain.

Horse riding equipment may be what some consider expensive, but many often find that their passion far outweighs the cost.? Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous activity and riders should always beware of safety issues and take the necessary preventions to insure they and their horse will not get injured.? Take time to research the various types of equipment that is available for the serious rider.? Not every item will be right for the particular type of riding that is done and the more knowledgeable you become about the activity, the more passionate you are sure to become.


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  1. Anne C. says:

    Thank you so much for this thorough assessment of horse riding equipment that is essential for the pleasure and safety of both the rider and the horse. You give a concise overview of choosing the proper Western or English saddle, depending on what suits the rider and the activity involved. I especially appreciate your emphasis on head gear as a necessity for new riders as well as for seasoned professionals. And thank you for addressing horse clothing that is necessary for the horse and the rider to ensure comfort and safety for all involved.

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