Horse Riding Games are an Important Training Tool


If you are planning on purchasing a horse for your child, you may want to get them riding lessons so that they can know how to seat a horse.? While it may seem easy to learn to ride, certain styles can be more difficult than others.? A child can learn quite easily when the trainer incorporates horse riding games into the training schedule.? These games can actually make it easier for the child to learn how to be a confident rider.? The child is going to eventually become an equestrian by playing riding horse games.

Some of these games can even be played without a trainer when the parent is working with the child.? It is not always possible to have a trainer on site every day.? For this reason, they are going to teach the parents the games to get the children more interested in learning how to put the horse through the paces that are needed for shows or competitions.? Not only do the children love to play a horse riding game, but the horses are going to have a great time as well.? The most important thing is for both the horse and the rider to have fun while training at the same time.

If either gets bored, the steps can become sloppy and the unfortunate side effect is that there can be injuries to either the horse or the rider.? These games do not only have to be played by children, any novice rider can employ them in their everyday riding.? This can create a better bond between the horse and the rider. It is vital that the horse trust the rider as much as the rider needs to trust the horse.? This bond is very important whenever a new horse in introduced to a rider or a new rider is introduced to a horse.

There are many horse riding games to play.? One game that is familiar to many is musical chairs.? This can also be played with horses.? All you need is an area large enough to encompass all of the horses that are going to be playing. Create separate spaces that the horses can go to where there is one horse left over.? You can use temporary enclosures to do this.? This game teaches the riders and the horse to move into tight places on just a command.? There are going to be verbal commands that are given.

When the music stops, the horses are guided into the designated area.? When the commands are given, the rider is going to have to make the horse follow those instructions.? Those who do not or cannot make the horse follow those commands can be disqualified.? For new riders, this is not an issue.? This aspect of the game is only for those who have had some lessons and who know how to put their horses on to these tasks.? This is one of the most popular horse riding games for kids.

Another of the great horse riding games to play is the boot game.? This is a game that is going to help to teach the rider and the horse some dexterity.? There are going to be boots that are placed on posts inside the corral.? The horses and riders are going to be separated into teams.? Depending on the skill of the rider, they are going to either canter or trot to the posts with the boot and then back again to the center where a bucket or can is placed where the boots can be dropped into.

This is the easiest of all the horse back riding games.? The team that gets the most boots in the bucket faster than any other team is going to be declared the winner.? Another of the fun horse riding games is the old standard ?red light green light? and is played in exactly the same way.? This game teaches the riders to stop the horse quickly and on command.? The basic rules apply, there is going to be one person who yells out red light.? All horses must be stopped when this command is called.? When the green light command is given, the horses can move again.? The rider who makes it to the marker first without having a moving horse on the stop command wins.

All of these horse riding games are going to be fun for the horse and the rider and is not going to cause them any harm.? There should never be any distress from the horse or the rider when playing horse riding games.? They should be fun and should teach the riders more about controlling their animal.? If you do not have a trainer who can teach the novice rider, then you can create even more horse riding games to help the rider and the horse learn what is expected of them.


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