Horseback Riding on Roadways

With more and more people housing their horses within city limits, riding on roadways has for many riders become a necessary evil to get to the trails that they love so dearly.? If you do find yourself having to take your horse out onto a roadway, ensure that he is safe with traffic.? Even if you are riding on a relatively quiet country road, be aware that it?s always possible to encounter various types of vehicles.? If your horse should spook, it is very possible that he may jump directly into traffic, or might wind up in a roadside ditch.? If you are going to be on the road, your horse must be comfortable with cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, and other such vehicles as dumptrucks, ATV?s, and bicycles.?

You must have confidence in the bravery of your horse and his ability to be calm in new situations.? Use hand signals just as you would on a bicycle to warn drivers of your movements.? Where possible, avoid the road surface as some pavement can be very slippery for your horse.? However, be aware of ditches that could cave under your horse?s weight, and also of dangerous debris such as broken glass or construction waste that could injure your horse.? As always, look ahead to what might frighten your horse.? Maybe there are garbage cans out on the street that he has never seen before, or big construction signs.? Watch driveways and yards as you approach for things that will startle your horse, such as cars, or even fenced dogs that may suddenly appear in a riot of noise.? Talk to your horse and keep him focused on you and moving forward.? If you are riding in a group, ride single file and cross roads together.


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