How to buy the perfect horse riding boot


Horse riding boots are no doubt an essential part in your horseback riding hobby or profession. Do not make careful consideration in your selection of boots and that will be a guaranteed disaster. The roles of the riding are outlined below:

  1. To prevent the legs from discomfort against the leathers of the saddle
  2. To protect the calves and ankles from the fenders of the saddle
  3. To protect feet from slipping from the stirrups

There are obviously plenty of boots to choose from in the online market and through local tack stores. However, be it known to you that the two most basic types of the riding boots are the English Equestrian riding boots and the Western ?cowboy? riding boots.

The first consideration you should emphasized on when making your choice in riding boots is for what riding discipline you will be engaging in. usually, the low cut riding boots are ideal for everyday casual riding that do not entail complicated routines when riding on horses. Simply put, it may be used for pleasure riding. Children can also benefit from the low cut boots in their early stages of training because high cut boots can eventually become uncomfortable when the kids rapidly grows. Trailing typically requires high cut boots to protect your legs from dirt, water, mud, and tall grasses. High cut mountain horse riding boots are crucial in riding moments that require tougher footwear.

Horse riding shows and tournaments commonly prefer English riding boots that may belong among the groups of English boots for field, dress, and hunt or top. These boots are ideal for equitation, show jumping, eventing and other forms of English riding disciplines. The Western boots on the other hand are present in cowboy events and competitions such as rodeo, barrel racing, other forms of racing, reining, and roping.


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