How to Choose the Right Horse Riding Boots


Purchasing a new horse can be an exciting time for the entire family.? Everyone is going to be excited at the prospect of having a pet that can be ridden for fun or in competitions.? Before grabbing your dirty sneakers and jumping on the horse, it is important to know that there are horse riding boots that are going to make riding much safer and easier on those who are just learning.? Even experienced equestrians make a point of having riding boots on at all times while mounted on their horses.

The horse riding boot is made to protect the rider from many dangers.? Mountain horse riding boots are going to protect the legs from being scratched up while riding through heavy brush or trees.? These are made to be high cut so that the calves up to the knee are protected.? If you or your family plans on riding mountain trails, they should wear a pair of these boots every time they are going for a ride.? Never allow anyone to ride your horse on the trails without the proper protection.? You would not allow your child to ride in the car without seat belts so do not let them ride without proper footwear.

English horse riding boots are also made to be tall.? This is more for the look of the boot these days than it is for protection.? In the days of the Calvary, these boots would protect the rider from lances, sword and stab wounds.? Since there is no fighting done when riding English style today, the boots are more for show.? You should know how to take care of these show boots so that they are going to last a long time.? Regular cleaning and polishing is the most maintenance that they are going to need.

Western horse riding boots are also known as cowboy boots.? These can be made in the tall style such as the English and mountain as well as the shorter style that is popular in fashion these days.? When you go shopping for western boots, keep in mind that pretty does not always equate to function.? There are many fancy styles that can be purchased for a good amount of money.? It is much better to have sturdy horse back riding boots than to spend the money on fancy ones.

You can find kids horse riding boots where you purchase adult ones.? They are miniature versions of the same boots that the adults are going to wear.? All the styles mentioned above can be purchased.? Childrens horse riding boots should be chosen, again, for function rather than looks.? They are going to wear them out before they outgrow them in many cases.? This is because it is important to make sure that the boots fit properly when purchasing them.? You do not want the child?s feet to be slipping and sliding inside the boot while they are mounted.

It is also a good way to lose a boot if it falls off during a ride.? Not only is this going to protect the child, but they are going to get a better feel of the horse if they can feel their boots that fit properly.? You can give the old boots to a younger child if they are not too badly worn.? In some cases, the child is going to outgrow their childrens horse riding boots before they do wear out depending on the age of the child and their growth spurts.? If they are going through a growth spurt when you purchase the new horse riding boots, then you may want to get a cheaper pair that is not going to put you out of pocket too much.

You may want to purchase two pairs of horse riding boots for your child.? One pair can be a cheap type that they can use while mucking out stalls and grooming the horse.? The other pair can be used for shows or rodeos depending on the style of riding they are going to do.? Many children enjoy competing with their horses and this can be a fun way for the family to spend time together.? Even if the horse is only going to be ridden around the property, two pairs of boots is not a bad idea.? Again, one pair can be for the dirty stuff and the other pair can be worn during the actual riding.

Having proper fitting horses riding boots is important no matter the age of the rider.? It is even more important for children whose feet are still growing. ?It is also important to purchase the correct riding boots for the style that is going to be used.? You do not want to have western boots at an English riding competition.? Find out what style your child is more interested in before purchasing boots or tack for the horse.


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