How to Create a First Aid Kit for Horses

If your horse was injured in an emergency at the barn, would you have the essentials to handle the situation?? Here?s a look at essential items for your first aid kit:

  1. Key information about your horse.? Record when he?s had his last shots, what he normally eats, and his normal resting pulse, respiration, and temperature.
  2. ?Thermometer.? Practice using it before your horse needs it, and make sure there is a clip and string so that it doesn?t disappear.
  3. ?Scissors.? Be sure to use rounded edge scissors, and keep them clean and sharp.? In addition to cutting bandages and dressings, they can be useful for trimming the hair around wounds.
  4. Antibacterial ointment.? There are many good creams on the market that can be used for small cuts and scrapes.?
  5. ?Antibacterial or iodine wash.? Hibitaine or Betadine are good options for washing cuts and scrapes and keeping them clean.
  6. ?Gauze padding for wound dressing.
  7. ?VetWrap.? These bandages self-stick and are excellent for holding dressings and poultices into place.
  8. Epsom salts.? These are often used for soaking, in particular with hoof abscesses.?
  9. ?Duct tape.? This is a good item to have on hand for stable emergencies, and can even be wrapped around a horse?s hoof should you lose a shoe.? It can also be used to protect a dressing on your horse?s foot when healing from a hoof abscess.
  10. Bute.? If possible, it is a good idea to have some of this anti-inflammatory drug on hand for easing pain that your horse might be in.? As with any prescription drug, use it only at the direction of your veterinarian and be aware that it can cause damage to internal organs and make some emergency situations worse.
  11. Clean sponge and bucket for washing wounds and soaking feet.

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