How to Safely Fall Off a Horse


The more you ride a horse, the more likely you are to fall off. You need to be prepared for when the inevitable strikes. If you follow these rules, you will greatly improve your chances of falling off with no injuries.

How Do I Avoid Falling?

  1. Keep your skill level in mind; ride a horse you are comfortable with.
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings so your horse won’t get spooked.
  3. Use a well-fitted saddle and keep your stirrups at a proper length.
  4. Be in control.
  5. Keep your girth tightened, so the saddle will stay in place.

How Do I Anticipate a Fall?

  1. Learn emergency dismounts and stops.
  2. Wear a helmet.
  3. Wear safety stirrups cages on your stirrups or boots with a 1″ heel.
  4. Wear a vest specially designed for horse falls.
  5. Wear gloves.

What Do I Do?With the Reigns?

The main thing to keep in mind is safety. If you fall because your horse is upset and bucking, you should let go to avoid injury. If you are in an enclosed area, it is also OK to let go. If you are in the wilderness, hold on to the reigns if at all possible. Above all, trust your instincts!

How Do I Fall?

If at all possible, kick your feet out of the stirrups. If you fall quickly, roll out of the way of your horse and make sure to keep your arms and legs tucked in close to your body.

What Do I Do After a Fall?

Make sure that you are OK, if not get help immediately so that you will not worsen your injury. If you are OK, give yourself a minute to catch your breath and get ready to ride again. Keep in mind why you fell off in the first place to avoid it happening again.


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