Is Your Horse Prepared for Emergency or Disaster?

Are you prepared to evacuate your horse should there be a natural disaster in your area?? Take a look at the following checklist to see what you might be missing.

  1. Ensure your horse knows how to trailer quickly and quietly.? In many situations, time is of the essence, and whether you can get your horse out fast will determine whether you can get him out at all.? If your horse doesn?t know how to load, practice until he does.
  2. If you don?t have a trailer, or not enough trailer space for all your horses, make arrangements with another horse owner, preferably someone close by, who will be willing to haul your horse in an emergency.
  3. Make arrangements for a safe haven for you and your horses.? This will preferably be some distance from where your horse is currently, and may even be out of state.? Although traveling might be difficult in a disaster situation, you also don?t want to risk that your safe haven is also under threat.
  4. Have several days? worth of food, water, and medication on hand and ready to be packed.
  5. Your horse?s information should be easily and quickly accessible, and preferably in a plastic, watertight envelope.? Have his photograph, medical records, and your contact information included.
  6. Post your evacuation instructions, as well as all your emergency contact information, in the barn and at your horse?s stall.
  7. Always have halters available in an easily accessible place, and keep a water-proof tag on each halter with the horse?s name and your contact information, including your emergency contact.
  8. Make sure your first aid kit is portable.
  9. In some situations, you may not be able to leave with your horses.? Research your area?s disaster plans, and also contact your local disaster planning organization to find out in what situations your horses would be better left secure in the stable or loose in the field.

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