Keeping Tails Healthy and Beautiful

A horse with a long, full tail is the envy of every horse owner in the barn.? Even if your horse tends towards having a thin and scraggly tail, there are a few simple things you can do to encourage it to grow out.

  • Do not overbrush.? Brushing out your horse?s tail too often can actually cause breakage and dryness.? When you do brush, use a good quality tail brush rather than a comb that will cause further breaking of the tail hairs.
  • Do not overbathe.? Bathing the tail might make it clean and shiny initially, but over time it will dry out the tail hairs, making them dull and easily broken.? If you want to keep your horse?s tail clean, try putting it in a tailbag.? Try not to do this when pests are prevalent, as your horse needs his tail for fly control.
  • Feed your horse good-quality food.? If your horse?s nutritional needs are being met, there is a much better chance that he?ll have a healthy and shiny mane and tail.? You might consider feeding a supplement such as Farrier?s Formula, which not only helps with hoof growth, but also keeps coats shiny.
  • Clean your horse?s sheath or udder to ensure they aren?t rubbing out of itchiness.? Also make sure that your horse is dewormed regularly, and check their backside for any clues as to what might make them itchy enough to rub their tail out.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner when brushing.? These moisturizing products also make it easier to brush out your horse?s tail, reducing breakage and making knots easier to handle.? And they smell nice too!
  • Be cautious of your fly spray.? Although necessary at times, many insect repellents are very damaging to hair and skin.? Try using a natural product if you think this might be damaging to your horse?s tail.

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