Preventing Unnecessary Injury with Specialized Horse Boots


The fear of every horseman is having their horse injured unnecessarily when riding or even walking in the pasture.? Due to this fear, many choose to purchase horse boots.? Not only can they prevent damage from being done to their feet when cold weather sets in, they can prevent damage occurring to their legs when they are working.? However, for the horse boot to actually protect them, the right ones must be purchased.

Generally speaking, many horses do quite well without a horse riding boot.? Unfortunately, unexpected events can happen and they can become injured very quickly and if they were wearing specialized riding boots, the injury may not have happened.? Does every horse need boots?? It really depends upon the individual horse and the type of lifestyle the horse is leading.

Many often worry about the effect of the weather on their horse?s hooves.? For this reason, many often purchase horse hoof boots that will help to protect their horses from the wet snow and mud.? Snow and ice can often cause a horse to slip and risk injury, but it can also cause more wear to their hooves during this time that the growth of the hoof slows down.? Snow and mud can also build up in the sole of the hoof and cause the horse to become unstable on his feet.? This, of course, puts more unnecessary strain on their tendons and ligaments.? A good horse tendon boot can prevent this occurrence.

For the working horse, brushing boots or horse knee boots are often recommended as they can prevent him from injuring the inside of his leg and foot when hit by the opposite foot.?? Most often, these can be purchased with Velcro straps for easy manipulation.? These type of boots must be fitted just below the knee and not too low or they may prevent the fetlock from being moved correctly.? Another name for these is horse splint boots and you will also find those riders who spend time jumping their horses make good use of them.

When the horse is required to stand for a long period of time, shipping or horse travel boots may be used on them to prevent injury.? Unfortunately, traveling with a horse can be dangerous and upon reaching the destination, many horse owners are shocked at the outcome.? Bloodied legs and injured tendons and ligaments can happen very quickly when transporting such a large animal in a confined space.? These boots will cover their legs from the knee down and are a great tool in the prevention of an injury.

Trail riding, regardless of the weather, can often be very dangerous for both horse and rider.? Fitting mountain horse boots to your horse is a must as they should provide a close, tight fit to both the hoof and the lower leg.? Many come with extra padding for longer distance rides, which can help to avoid pain in the hooves.? Because they need to be fitted correctly, a visit to the farrier may be in order to insure they do fit correctly.

Throwing shoes is common and those who wish to avoid a lost shoe while riding may want to invest in specialized boots for horses that will help to guard the bulb of the horse?s heel.? Many types of horse boots come in a pull on style and many of these will, as well.? The one thing the horse owner must remember is to take the time to remove them before putting the horse out to pasture, as the horse can get injured when a boot becomes entangled in the feet if it were to start falling off.? If not, they can be ordered in a style that will incorporate Velcro.

As mentioned previously, many of the protective boots should be fitted by a professional farrier.? Each individual horse has hooves with special needs and no horse is alike.? Measurements of the hoof should be taken before ordering many of the styles.? If not, the horse is put more at risk by a boot that may fall off.? However, there are many that come as magnetic horse boots.? They have a magnetic material that will help secure them to the shoe and many horsemen prefer these over any other type.

Many of the horse owners of today often find a horse riding boot is an essential and necessary part of their daily routine and spend hours perusing the Internet for new styles. For example, you can find boa horse boots to suit many occasions when the horse hoof needs special protection. When ordering any of the specialized boots, there are many options in pricing, styles, and materials.? Because the horse?s health is the most important consideration, a lot of owners often find that they are need of several different types for many different occasions.


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