Prevention of saddle sores and the use of treeless saddles

The treeless saddle has been increasingly popular because of its ability to not restrict the horse?s movement while being ridden due to its lightweight and bendable materials. The saddle will make the horse comfortable. Without a bar lying on its back, it can easily move around as it has a closer contact with its rider and is more able to react to the leg cues of its rider. Also, it only has to adjust with the weight and natural body shape of its rider, without giving a thought to any thick bars positioned on its back.

Aside from using this type of saddle with the proper treeless saddle pad for added support, there are other factors that will help prevent the horse from having a sore back. Proper cleaning is the first rule before you place the saddle onto the horse?s back. Brush thoroughly the areas of the horse?s back which are likely touched by the saddle pad and saddle parts. The withers and the girth are the body parts that are usually prone to soreness, so make sure that as you do the brushing you are getting rid of any dirt that may rub against the horse?s skin once the saddle is placed.

The second rule is to make sure that the saddle fits the horse properly. Too large or too small saddle is extremely unhealthy for the horse. A saddle bigger than what the horse?s back can bear will definitely make the weight of the rider unevenly distributed beyond weight-bearing areas. A very small saddle will put too much pressure on the horse?s back.

Lastly, make sure that when you ride the horse, you are in the correct posture. Sit erect and make sure that you are rested on the central part of the saddle. Never lean too far to the front or back. Stay at the center so your weight is equally distributed throughout the saddle.


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