Problems when Mounting Up

Horses that move around when you are trying to mount are at best irritating, and at worst dangerous.? You always want to avoid any situation where your foot is in the stirrup and you have the potential of being dragged.? Being able to mount safely is also important should you need to get off your horse while out on the trail.? If your horse dances around or backs up when you are mounting, you?ll want to work on some training to make sure that this does not become a problem in the future.

  • Have your horse checked for health problems.? In particular, horses with sore backs might be trying to avoid a painful situation.? Also, make sure that your mounting procedure is safe and comfortable for your horse.? Use a mounting block where possible, to take the strain off his back, and when mounting avoid brushing his hip with your legs or dropping your weight into the saddle.
  • Work on your ground training.? Your horse should be comfortable standing calmly and quietly while you move to different areas of his body.? You should be able to stand at his hindquarters, as well as further up the body.? Some horses will move around simply because they want to be able to see you.
  • Make sure you aren?t accidentally cuing him to move.? If you are pulling too hard on the reins or bumping him with your foot as you mount, you may actually be asking him to step forward or back.
  • Try having a friend hold your horse while you mount up.? Doing this a few times may be enough to help your horse get the message that should be standing still.

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