Protect Your Horse From Flies

Around the barn flies may seem like just a minor nuisance, but to your horse they can be irritating and even dangerous.? Horse and deer flies inflict painful bites that can become infected and can also transmit disease.? Having a pest control plan in place will not only keep your horse healthy and happy but will also make you much more comfortable.

The first step is to control any potential breeding areas, thereby preventing the flies from reproducing.? Muck stalls daily and keep your manure pile away from the barn.? Manure should be spread out in the sun to allow it to dry, killing any eggs or larvae.? Scoop up any old hay and keep moisture to a minimum.? Garbage should be in airtight containers.? Secondly, you?ll need to prevent what eggs are there from hatching.? This can be done by giving a feed-through product to your horse.? This sterilizes the manure making it inhospitable for flies to lay their eggs in.? Some barns are now releasing small, parasitic wasps that live off the fly eggs and effectively prevent them from hatching.? These small wasps are of no concern to people or to horses.

Fly traps are an effective way of catching adult flies.? Bag traps use insect attractants such as pheromones to entice the flies into the bag, from which they have no way of escaping.? Fly strips are another, inexpensive, option, and are often made to hang from the ceiling.? In some cases you may decide that insecticides are needed, using foggers or misters to fumigate your barn.? Do your research and be cautious about what products you are using.

Finally, use fly sprays and repellents on your horse as a last line of defense.? Spray directly onto a sponge and apply to the horse to prevent inhalation and waste.?


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