Selecting the Right Equestrian Riding Boots for You and Your Family


Finding the right equestrian riding boots can be done quite easily with an online search and a few minutes of your time. Whether it is just you or the entire family that needs to be outfitted, you are sure to find a style that each of you likes at a price that is well within your budget. There are many manufacturers to choose from and the Internet brings the entire world of equestrian style riding boots right to your home for the easiest shopping you will do all year.

A proper pair of equestrian riding boots is a tall set of boots fitted not only to the foot, but up the leg as well. The form fitting of a boot to the leg is essential as this part of the leg is where the horse receives its signals from the rider. A loose topped boot will tend to give possible false signals which could mean disaster if in the middle of a show or presentation and this is easily avoided by selecting the correct boot for your build. If you have difficulty finding ones that are a snug enough fit there are many custom boot makers online to assist you in getting the correct boot for you.

There are two basic styles of the equestrian riding boot. The one is the traditional plain front pull on boot which has no laces or zippers, these are mainly for dressage or show and the lace front or zippered back field style boots. These boots are particularly suited to the field showings for hunter/jumper class events and are built to withstand the rigors of a three day show with no issues whatsoever. When using the pull on boots, having a boot jack and boot pulls handy is a very good idea for taking them off and putting them on. This aids in reducing any possible creasing or damage to the boots.

Men?s equestrian riding boots are available in a wide variety of styles from many manufacturers and suppliers. Ranging from tall riding boots to paddock boots for working around the stable, you are sure to find ones that suit you. Mens equestrian riding boots tend to be made a bit wider in the foot area than the women?s equestrian riding boots. This lends itself towards a much more comfortable fit without losing any of the style up the leg.

Women?s riding boots are a bit more colorful and stylish than the men?s counterpart. These allow for a bit of straying from the traditional stodgy black, plain front boot and allow the women to have a bit more flair when gearing up for a show. They are available in a wide range of colors to choose from and guaranteed to match any show outfit that can be thought of, which is sure to please the horse woman in your life.

While used equestrians riding boots may sound like a very odd idea it is really not that much of a stretch. Many people have purchased a set of boots only to find that theychafe or are simply not comfortable to them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these boots, just the fact that every ones feet are a bit different, what fits one perfectly from the factory may not fit another. Taking some time to search for these online will possibly save you quite a bit of money when it comes to equestrian riding boots. Anyone that has ever purchased a new pair knows that some can be quite expensive and this is a way to get a pair of boots that may otherwise be out of your price range or budget.

The most important thing in regards to buying equestrian riding boots is the fit itself. This may seem impossibility if shopping online but it is not quite as far off as you think. Simply take a trip to the local equestrian supply that carries boots and try on a few pairs, find something you like and that fits you well. Then come home, get online and shop to your heart?s content as you now know the style and size you need. This alleviates any guesswork as to whether the boots will fit once they arrive and will give you some peace of mind when ordering and paying for these online.

When trying on new equestrian riding boots, make sure to wear the proper clothing. If you have your riding breeches on then you will know if the boot fits correctly up the leg. It does no good to stuff a pair of jeans down them or just a sock as that is not what you will be wearing during your show or ride. Maintaining the consistency when trying on the boots will insure a perfect fit when they are in actual use and this will be the most important time of all.


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  1. Anne C. says:

    It is refreshing to find an article on selecting proper equestrian riding boots that is so objective and gives such great advice. As you point out, a great fit includes not only the foot but the leg as well since it is the leg that gives signals to the horse. I also appreciate that you address the different needs and styles that are available to men and women. You offer a valuable tip to get well-fitted for boots at an equestrian store and then order them online.

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