The Classic Look of a Western Saddle


When one thinks of horses and horseback riding, their thoughts stray to the old cowboy movies and them sleeping on the prairie using their saddles for pillows or them rounding up cattle on a drive. The western saddle has come a long way over the years, but the basic look and style has not changed all that much. What changed, however, are the basic materials that they are constructed from. You can still find mainly leather, but many manufacturers have added synthetic materials such as nylon and manmade leather to the mix, helping to extend the life of the saddle and make it easier to care for.

Wintec saddles, based in Australia, have a classic look saddle with all the modern upgrades. The Wintec western saddle has a sleek design with synthetic suede and leather materials that will help make this saddle last a lifetime. This saddle is completely adjustable to fit almost any rider and a double fender design for added protection while riding. It is reasonably priced and available online through a few suppliers. Their Equileather and Equisuede is weather proof, easy to clean with just a damp cloth and require no oiling or waxing.

Western saddles in general are the mainstay of many people that ride horses. While the smaller, lighter English and dressage saddles appeal to some, many traditionalists are dead set on their western ones and with good reason. This is a tried and true design that has never disappointed the true rider. The western saddle keeps a timeless appeal for almost anyone who has ridden a horse. Odds are, the first time they were ever on a horse, it was in a western saddle.

Finding a used western saddle is as easy as a click or two away. The internet gives you access not only to private sellers but to tack shops and suppliers all over the world. This lets you shop around and choose exactly what you want at a price you can afford. Used western saddles are like used cars, if these were properly taken care of, an old one will look like new and work as well as the day it was made. Spend some time and do some research, you will be quite pleased with the selection you find.

As with any saddle, the use of a saddle pad is highly recommended by all manufacturers and suppliers. A western saddle pad can be purchased online through many different suppliers and with so many to choose from, finding a unique one that fits your style should be quite easy. These not only help protect the horse and your saddle, many are available that are able to assist in a more comfortable ride for you by adding gel or air incorporated into their construction to help absorb the shocks from riding. The western saddle pads available are almost as innovative as the saddles themselves adding modern technology to an old necessity.

When shopping online for a saddle, make sure to browse the manufacturers? websites for the new western saddles for sale. These are the ones with all the new innovations in materials that make horseback riding even more pleasurable than before. With comfort for you in the seat and ride and comfort for your horse in the way the saddle fits, there are only benefits in looking at these websites. With the advances in modern technology, a horse can be fitted for the perfect western saddle without ever wearing it first by using computerized saddle pads and imagery. They have developed saddles that relieve pressure on the horse while giving you the best ride of your life.

Western show saddles are a thing of beauty. This is western saddlery at its finest. The works of art created by master saddle makers include hand tooled leather, silver and gold accents and engraving to rival the finest jewelers. These are some of the most beautiful saddles ever made, not to mention, extremely functional. A western show saddle has many hours of work put into the crafting of it and must still be used for riding so it not only has to look good, but be as solid as a work saddle on a ranch. Many different custom saddle makers can be found online and their websites have full color pictures of all the show saddles they offer.

Western horse saddles will always be a favorite among riders, no matter what they are made from, whether it is the new synthetics or plain leather. The look is timeless and the functionality of these saddles will always be a mainstay of the cowboy or cowgirl at heart. A western saddle can be both beautiful and practical at the same time, while still being affordable as well.


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