The Different Characteristics of Stocky Horse Breeds

Stocky horse breeds have become very popular because of their ability to navigate difficult terrain and to ride for long distances. People who live in areas where riding can be difficult navigate towards these types of horses because their natural power enables them to cover the terrain with ease. However, stocky horses are prevalent in many other forums as well and you will regularly see them running around the race track, performing in rodeos and winning horse shows.

Quarter horses have their roots in American and are very athletic and competitive. In racing, their events have become some of the more popular events to see at local tracks. To watch a quarter horse event is something totally unique. Where a regular race will start out at a very slow pace, these little balls of energy will go full speed from gate to wire. It is extremely exciting and one of the more popular forms of horse racing on the West Coast.

This stocky horse breed is ideal for ?Cowboying? as they are very agile and easy to handle in the various competitions. For this very reason, they are not only used on ranches in the Western United States, they are also one of the more popular horses seen in the rodeo. Their agility makes them the ride of choice in many of the skill events and because of their competitive nature, they never give up and are always up for the challenge.

The Albania breed is typical of stocky horse breeds. Having origins that trace back the Balkan Peninsula, the horse is perfect for long distance riding or endurance. These horses have long been known to be popular in transportation and are often used for wagons and carriages. These horses are also extremely popular for farming as their stout frame allows them to work all day with great production. This is actually something that continues to be developed with this breed.

Another very popular stocky horse is the Criollo. This stocky horse breed is legendary for its endurance capabilities and became famous for a ride that was done by Aim Tschiffely. Traveling from Buenos Aires to New York, two Criollo horses made the journey in fine form. Looking back, both of these horses were about 15 years old and lived into their forties. Today, Criollo horses are still used in endurance competitions and are used in South America on a regular basis for events that cover hundreds of miles.

While not a horse breed that comes up in many horse conversations, the Shetland Pony is another breed of horse that is known for its stocky characteristics. This stocky horse breed was specifically intended for use in the incredibly harsh Shetland Isles. One of the more notable features of the Shetland pony is the long and thick manes and tails that they have. They were bread this way in order to be able to handle the very hard winters that are experienced in the Shetland Isles.

Another stocky horse breed that can handle the harsh conditions is the Icelandic horse. These are very unique looking animals that tend to be smaller in size, but are very powerful. The chest of the horse is massive and allows it to plow through the conditions that it faces in Iceland. These horses have been round for centuries and are mentioned quite often in Norse Mythology. To this day, these horses are used in various farming activities, racing and as show horses.

One of the most powerful stocky horse breeds that you will find is the Belgian horse. This is just flat out a powerful animal that was made for pulling massive amounts of weight. One unfortunate characteristic of this horse is that they are very susceptible to JEB or Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. Foals that have this often have to be put down because of abnormalities. A better known characteristic of these horses is their strength. In power competitions, these horses are legendary and few if any other breeds stand a chance when it comes to the sheer driving power that Belgian horses are able to generate.

Stocky horse breeds are some of the most incredible horses around. They are easy to spot because of their massive chests and what seems to be fire in their eyes. It is almost as if they know how strong they are and it leads them to be competitive in just about everything that they do. From the moment these horses realize that they are being depended on for anything, it is as though they sense it and immediately step up to give it the best effort that they are capable of. These horses will simply not give up in anything that they do and it is the characteristics of agility, power and will that continue to make them popular today.


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