The Many Types of Riding Boots


Those who love horses and who are going to start riding need to have some equipment first.? The first item that is needed is riding boots.? These boots are important protection for the feet and legs when on a horse.? There are many types of boots that can be chosen from and knowing their unique properties is going to help you to choose the right pair.? It is also important to know what riding style that you plan on doing before purchasing your boots.

There are two different basic riding styles and the riding boot that goes with each style is going to be very different as well.? The two basic riding styles are English Equestrian and Western.? The boots that are worn for each riding style can be broken down into categories as well. There are boots that are required for competition and boots that are worn when cleaning out stalls and everything in between.? You are going to want to purchase more than one pair of riding boots for each task.

English Equestrian boots are one of the most commonly known types of this style riding.? They are tall black boots that come to just under the knee.? They are used for shows and competitions.? These boots have a low heel and protect the ankles and calves when jumping or going through bush.? English riding boots are made of leather and are typically black in color.? Many boot makers replicate this style for fashion boots which is why they are very common to most who do not ride horses.? These come in both mens riding boots and women?s riding boots.? Ariat riding boots are a good choice when it comes to choosing the English Equestrian boots.

Included in the English style of boots is not only the long riding boots, but shorter boots as well.? These are called Jodhpur and paddock boots.? Jodhpur boots offer a bit more flexibility than the Equestrian boots offer.? They are worn with a special pair of trousers that can be zipped up over the boots to offer more protection for the legs.? While the protection is not the same as it would be with Equestrian boots, there is still protection for the ankles from the boots.? Paddock boots are typically made of rubber and rubber riding boots can also be worn in place of paddock boots.? These boots are typically used when cleaning out the stalls and riding in the rain.

Western boots come in two basic styles.? These styles are mountain horse riding boots and western show boots.? They are commonly called cowboy boots and are very popular even for those who do not ride horses.? The materials used for making these boots can range from the basic cow leather to more exotic styles such as ostrich and snake skin.? Many who purchase these exotic styles do not wear them for casual riding.? They are used for show or for going out rather than riding.? The reason for this is because these exotic boots are quite expensive and riding can damage them.

One of the great things about western boots is that they can be purchased in many different colors.? The most popular of all the colors is brown riding boots.? These are popular because they go with just about any color of outfit that is worn while riding.? Most who ride in rodeos prefer this color as it does not show the dirt as much.? Others may want to choose colors to match their outfits.? Barrel racers tend to wear bright colors when racing.? Their boots are going to match their outfits.? Women are typically known to do this type of racing and that is why colored womens riding boots are the most popular of the western riding boots.

The main difference in the types of western boots is the height of them.? They are made to come above the calf and just under the knee.? They also come to mid calf.? The taller boots are used for protection when riding in the brush.? They protect the calf up to the knee and were originally made for cowboys who needed protection from the horns of the cattle that they were herding.? Today, they are still used for this reason, but during riding shows, they are more ornate and can be quite beautiful as well.? The heels on both styles are going to be between an inch and an inch and a half to help keep the boots in the stirrups.

Once a rider has decided on the style that they want to perfect, they can then choose the right boots to go with it.? Shopping for boots can be fun when there are so many choices to make.? It is always wise to make sure that there is an extra pair for those times when the main pair of boots is worn out.? It is always a good idea to have an old pair or a rubber pair when mucking out stalls or riding in bad weather.


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