The two basic types of horse riding boots


A riding boot is the footwear used primarily for the purpose of riding on horses. The main reason why a horse riding footwear is in boot style which comes high up just slightly below the knee is to prevent the legs from rubbing against the leathers of the saddle. A horse riding boot comes in many styles and colors depending on the riding purpose.

Typically, a pair of boots can either be an English equestrian style or a Western style. These are the two basic types of riding boots.

  1. English equestrian horse riding boots. When we speak of English riding, we refer to riding styles intended for horse shows or pleasure riding. The English riding boot can be further categorized into the tall boots, or the shorter paddock boots. Tall boots are those boots that end just below the knee is mostly chosen for competitive riding such as jumper and dressage riding. Particular styles are created for more convenient riding to people engaging in hunt seat equitation, show jumping and eventing. The tall boots are also used in fox hunting. On the other hand, the shorter boots known as paddock boots (also called Jodhpur boots), rise just above the ankle for protection. Its use is normally for the purpose of everyday riding or pleasure riding. They are ideal for use among children as you won?t have to worry about the fast growth kids experience in which tall boots will not be flexible to adjust with.
  2. Western horse riding boot. Also known as cowboy boots, they are commonly seen on rodeo events. They are usually brown in color as dirt that will stick on the boots won?t be too visible compared to the black boots. However, with women known to be active participants in an event known as barrel racing where they are expected to make quick turns around barrels in a cloverleaf pattern, more vibrant and bright colors for the Western boots emerged.

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