The Wintec Saddle Rated Number One for Synthetic Saddles


The Wintec Saddle Company, based in Perth, Australia, has been making synthetic saddles for over 15 years. The foam core design, coupled with a tough nylon outer shell makes these saddles weather and sweat resistant and much easier to conform to horses? contours than the standard leather saddle. The unique manufacturing of bonding the material to the foam also extends the life of the outer shell by making this one piece. These saddles are extremely lightweight making them easy to handle and perfect for younger riders and older alike.

The Wintec dressage saddle is among the leading saddles of this type. These saddles are thin enough to provide extraordinary contact with the horse, yet durable enough to last a lifetime. There a few models to choose from including a pony dressage saddle designed specifically for young riders and their smaller mounts.? As they are very light, it makes these a great choice for the young horse person looking to do it all themselves, right up to carrying the equipment to and from the horse.

The Wintec Isabell dressage saddle is one of the premier dressage saddles on the market today. Designed with the assistance of Isabell Werth, a World Champion in dressage, this saddle has all the features you have come to expect from Wintec saddles with a world class touch. An adjustable block system allows you to custom fit the saddle to your exact leg size and the seat is designed to keep you in the correct position at all times.

A good close contact saddle is essential for even the casual show jumper and the Wintec Close Contact saddles are just that. This Wintec saddle is constructed with traditional leather like appearance and form fits to the horse for excellent communication while riding. The seat is well balanced and the knee contours are a much added comfort during long shows and is available in both black and brown to fit whatever your style is.

For the more traditional rider, Wintec Western saddles are the optimum choice for comfort and durability. These saddles are extremely lightweight compared to standard leather saddles and will give years of use while retaining their great look. Fully adjustable, these are designed to fit almost any rider?s needs whether it be for just pleasure riding or even barrel racing and trail runs.

The Wintec western saddle has a traditional look of the old west style saddle with all the modern innovations you have come to expect from Wintec. These are very easy to take care of and require no oiling to keep them looking like new. These come equipped with quick change buckles and constructed with a double fender pattern.? They are designed to last for hours and hours of comfortable riding.

A Wintec stock saddle is designed with the long ride in mind. Built for maximum comfort for the rider, these saddles will let you trail ride for hours because of their deep seats and comfortable padding.? These use the same technology in materials as the other Wintec saddles along with the added comfort of a lifetime warranty on the saddle tree. This lets you ride knowing you are well covered.

The Wintec Pro Stock saddles are built with all the features of the standard stock saddle but with the added benefit of adjustable fenders for added communication with the horse while keeping the rider seated correctly in the saddle. The Wintec Wide saddle is unique in the fact that it is adjustable to the width of your horse where many are not, this allows for a much more comfortable ride for both you and your horse. With a waisted seat, you can adjust this saddle for the horse while maintaining a perfect fit for the rider.

The Equisuede and Equileather that some of the Wintec saddles are constructed of is designed to be easy to care for and keep clean and to be weather resistant as well. There is no waxing involved and cleaning them is as easy as wiping them down with a wet cloth. There is always hosing them off too, as all these saddles are entirely weatherproof and very durable.

The CAIR panel system incorporated into some of the saddles insures a comfortable, even weight distribution across the entire saddle, not just at certain points. By using pockets of air instead of traditional filling in the saddle, this also helps to lighten the actual weight of the saddle itself. Another special feature of some of the Wintec saddles is the E-Z Change Gullet System. This allows the saddle to ?grow? with your horse with four different gullet straps to choose from. You may also buy an entire kit with all strap sizes included or simply order one strap at a time as necessary.


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