Things to Consider When Choosing a Boarding Facility

With so many boarding stables available, it can be a tricky job to pick the right one for you and your horse.? Here?s a list to help you discover what you and your horse will need.

  1. Price.? As much as we hate to admit it, price usually plays a factor, just as it does in where we choose to live with our families.? Look at your finances to see how much you can reasonably afford each month.
  2. Location.? You will need to decide how far away from your home or work you?re willing to board your horse.? Some horse owners don?t mind driving long distances to their barn, however if you go there often, or if there is an emergency requiring you to do daily doctoring, this could prove difficult.
  3. Your horse?s special needs.? Does your horse require special food?? Does he have special housing needs, like the need to be kept outside to prevent an episode of heaves?? Is he used to being turned out on pasture, or will a paddock make him happy?
  4. Riding opportunities.? Is it important that the barn have an arena for you to use?? If so, consider the benefits of a covered arena.? Without good drainage, an outdoor arena will be useless through periods of heavy rain.? Are trails more your speed?? How easy is it to get to the trails from the barn and are the trails suitable for you and your horse?s trail experience?
  5. Competitive opportunities.? Are you looking for good trainers and lots of showing?? If so, a larger, more competitive-focused barn may be right for you.? Or are you looking for a quiet place where you and your horse can bond with minimal distractions??

Once you have a list of priorities in hand, the prospect of stable hunting won?t seem so overwhelming.


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