Tips and Guidelines for Horse Boarding


Not everyone that enjoys the ownership of a horse has the property or facilities to keep one close at hand. There is the barn, corral and general pasture area that require more room than most people have. This is where horse boarding comes in. This will allow the average person who wishes to own a horse to not only have one, but have him well looked after when they are not around. This is particularly advantageous if you live in a city and it is but a short drive to the country to enjoy a day?s riding.

When researching horse boarding facilities, be sure to get references from current boarders if possible and previous ones if any are accessible. This will give you some opinions on the care and treatment their horses received. Also request that a horse boarding contract be drawn up and signed by both parties if they do not have one on hand. The more reputable ones will, and this will let you know what you are entitled to as far as service for your horse while it is being boarded, so there are no doubts as to what you will have to do for your horse there.

The people that operate and work at many horse boarding stables not only take very good care of your horse, but more than likely own one or more of their own. Horse boarding is a business built on love of horses as the responsibility of caring for someone else?s is great and most definitely a full time job. It is very rare that you will find someone running this type of establishment that does not have their own horses being boarded right alongside of your own and others.

As part of horse boarding on someone else?s property, the issue of insurance may come in to play. There is more than provider of horse boarding insure that can be found online after just a brief search. Make sure that the facility you are considering has a policy in place and ask to see the certificate. This protects not only you and your horse, but the horse boarding stable as well and insures the best quality care for your horse and the protection in case of any mishaps or accidents.

Inspect the overall looks of the boarding site before signing any contract, as this is binding to both parties. Make sure that the general look is neat and clean.? There should be no piles of tack or tools laying around as a neat stable area is a very well kept one and reflects on the attention that will be paid to your horse. When you come across one that is not well kept, the fences falling down in spots or the barn and stall area messy, this sends a message that if they cannot keep something as simple as these in order, how will your horse be treated if he should fall ill or need attention.

When boarding a horse, one should look to what they will get for the money that they will be spending. Check to see if feed and grain is included or if you need to purchase and drop this off on a regular basis, most will include this in the overall function, but some will request that if you want something special for your horse, that you provide it. Also inquire about farrier services and grooming, how many exercise periods that the horse will receive on a daily basis and training for the horse if there is any available.

Horse boarding services for the most part feed, groom and exercise your horse on a daily basis. The training of the horse for either saddle breaking or show jumping and the like is usually extra above the standard boarding fees. If you are lucky enough to find a trainer/boarder combination where you have your horse, you can greatly accelerate whatever the use for the horse is that you intend. If just for riding purposes, then odds are your horse, unless new, is already saddle broken and therefore requires no extra training. If you are moving in to the dressage or show jumping arenas, then you may want to find a boarder that can assist you in training your horse for these events, at an extra cost of course, but well worth it in the long run.

Boarding horses is a responsibility very few will take on without knowing full well what they are getting into. By this token, when researching a boarding facility, be sure and look at the owners? history and check with other local horse people regarding him or her. Odds are, as horse people in local areas are a very tight knit group, they will be able to tell you if you are making the right decision or not.


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