Types of Horse Blankets


If you?ve ever done an internet search for a horse blanket, you?ll probably agree that the wide array of choices available can be rather intimidating.? There seems to be a blanket for every occasion, and it can be hard for horse owners to know what they should be buying.? Here?s a summary of the most common types of horse blankets.

  • Stable Blanket.? Used for when the horse is in the barn, these usually come in a variety of weights, depending on the temperature in your area.? Some climates may need a thick, padded, or even fleece blanket, while others may need just a light quilt.
  • Turn Out Blanket.? These are similar to the stable blankets in weight, but are usually made of a stronger, water resistant material.? Horses wearing blankets in fields or paddocks need added protection from the elements, and also require a blanket that is sturdier and less likely to rip.
  • Cooler.? Large square blankets, coolers are used to help a hot horse cool off without catching a chill.? If you are working your horse hard in the winter, you will likely need to put a cooler on him after exercise to keep him warm as he gradually cools down.
  • Fly Sheet.? Made of lightweight material, these sheets are normally used in the summer to protect the horse from flies and other biting insects.? They are also sometimes used to prevent the horse?s coat from bleaching out.? These blankets are designed to not overheat your horse, even on hot days.
  • Rain Sheet.? Similar to a fly sheet, these can be used to keep your horse dry and prevent such things as rain scald or mud fever.
  • Neck Hoods and Full Covers.? These additional pieces can also provide warmth in winter or protection from flies and the sun in summer.? A neck hood slips over the horse?s neck and covers him down to the blanket, and a full hood covers his face to his muzzle, with holes cut out for his eyes and ears.

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