Western horse riding boots


A pair of riding boots is an essential part of the equestrian?s wardrobe to prevent the feet from slipping from the stirrups and keep the feet comfortable as well whether you are involved with pleasure or competitive horseback riding. Each style of the riding boots has unique attributes and each type is ideal for a particular horse riding discipline. It is therefore important to be familiar with the many characteristics of the riding boots and understand for which riding discipline the boot will be before you decide on buying your very own pair of horse riding boots.

For this article, we will focus on Western horse riding boots. The other type of boots is what we know as the English riding boots that are usually in black and come just under the knee. The western style is also referred to as the cowboy boots, and we know that when we talk about cowboy boots, we speak of the brown colored ones. Although they may be available as well in black, its distinction is seen with its exotic styles and high heels. They are categorized into three types that differ primarily with height: high, intermediate, or low cowboy boots. The higher riding boots rise nearly to the knee, and its upper is widely decorated. The intermediate length, or shall we say the mid-calf length of cowboy boots is the most classic style that keeps the fenders of the Western saddle from rubbing against the ankle and calf of the rider. The lowest boots is similar to that of the English riding boot?s paddock type only that it is at least one inch higher.

Most Western horse riding boots are made of cowhide. They can also be made in suede. However, the uppers of the very expensive designs are usually made from exotic animals, like alligator, ostrich, and snakeskin.


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